Toronto exterior 1Whether you need a new mortgage, second mortgage or you are renewing an existing mortgage, we have access to a large variety of lenders and products and we can help you choose the right solution. Self employed, New to Canada, First time buyers – no matter your situation we can help!

Our Service & Products

  • Purchase: 5% minimum down payment, lowest rates guaranteed, 120 day rate hold
  • Refinance: 80% LTV maximum for second mortgages, switches or transfers
  • Interim financing: Possession dates don’t match up? No problem, we have a solution for you!
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit: Flexible financing! Unlock the equity in your property. 65% LTV as a first or second mortgage.
  • Draw Mortgages: Finance the construction of your dream home! Specialty draw financing and competitive rates.
  • Acreage financing: The major lenders will only lend up to 50% of the land’s market value. Luckily we have a few smaller lenders that will consider 75% land market value and this is predominantly in the urban city center locations, or small acreages close to the city limits. Alternatively, the down payment and lending value depends on the maximum amount of acres and vicinity of the land but we can consider up to 160 acres pending the zoning is country residential, agricultural or residential.
  • First Time Buyers: First time buyer? 5% minimum down payment and all of your questions answered!
  • Newcomers to Canada: Extensive New to Canada products available with as little as 5% down! We can finance both non-permanent residents pending you’re work or student visa has been in place less then 5 years, or new permanent residence’s with limited to no established Canadian credit.
  • Self Employed: Self employed financing made easy! Stated income products make home ownership a reality!
  • Private Lending & Secondary Financing: If your financing doesn’t fit into standard financing options, we have the vast knowledge of the private lending and ‘B Lending’ sector.
  • Commercial Lending: From construction, development, restaurants, boutique and speciality stores, our teams finances it all.
  • CHIP Home Income Plan: No income? No Problem! Great financing solutions for Seniors or any borrower over the age of 55.
  • Extended Amortizations: We have a select few Lenders on board who will allow extended amortizations on your financing. The maximum for conventional mortgages is typically 30 years. We have the ability to lend over 35 years to reduce your monthly payments and limit your exposure.
  • Challenged Credit – Bruised Credit from a poor mistake or rocky credit from another time in your life? Don’t be discouraged! Even with all of the changing policies, we still have lenders who finance your new property or refinance a current mortgage. The interest rates may be reflective of your credit or strength of the application, but we can still secure some of the best rates on the market for these files.
  • Purchase plus improvements & Renovation mortgages: Purchase Plus Improvements is for consumers looking to purchase a home that has great potential but needs a little TLC. This program allows you to make improvements immediately after taking possession of your new home and have the costs rolled into one easy-to-manage mortgage
  • Vacation and second homes: With lifestyle demands in a growing or busy family, a second home or vacation property for those weekend getaways can be very appealing and easy to approve. With as little as 5% down in some cases. This can not be confused with investment or income properties and these second homes if being purchased out of the city for a vacation property must have year round access.
  • Cashback Mortgages: There are only a few banks which still allow the Cash-Back mortgages. These funds can no longer be used towards the down payment of a new purchase like they used to be able prior to housing crisis But, moreso used to cover closing costs, payoff other obligations or liabilities, add a deck or fence to your new home, etc.. The cashback mortgage itself is typically not a true “incentive” as the lenders will charge you a slightly higher rate when opting for the cashback to recoup their costs.
  • Equity Based Mortgage / No Income qualifying: If you are unable to prove income there is still an opportunity for you to own a home if you have either a large equity in your current home, a large net worth or investment portfolio, or a large down payment from conventional or non-conventional sources.

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