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MMG Charity Social

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Community Key and send summer off with one last party!!


MMG’s annual Christmas party to celebrate our amazing business partners was a huge success!  Thank you to all our realtors, builders and industry partners for your support in 2014!

Looking forward to continuing our partnership in 2015.  Happy Holidays!

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MMG Stampede Party – Photo Booth Pictures

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MMG Stampede Party 2014 – more pics to come!

H, R, J stampede pic 2014

MMG 2014 Stampede Party!

MMG's 2014 Stampede Party!  Thank you to our industry partners, referral sources and clients!

MMG’s 2014 Stampede Party! Thank you to our industry partners, referral sources and clients!

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Build My New Home – best new site!

Are you planning to build a new house?  Check out the newly launched site for Build My New Home.  This site is an amazing resources for all things “new homes” and we highly recommend using this as your starting point for your builder and area search.